Welcome to Kalpataru Baug
Kalpataru Baug is situated 20 kms from Pune metropolis in the village Theur, pune, Maharashtra. The farm is in close vicinity to one of the famous Ganpati temple it is well known as CHINTAMANI MANDIR the second place of ASHTAVINAYAK DARSHAN.
About Farm –
The entire farm is located on 12 acres of black cotton soil. The river mula mutha is flowing from one side of farm. The Beauty of farm lies in huge cultivation of chickoos, Mangoes, Papaya, Shitafal. Visitors can enjoy real Farming experience with farmer.
Kalpataru Baug will offer you a "Back to Nature" experience with real village lifestyle.
Hurda Party
Tender Fresh jowar (sorghum) is called as HURDA in Marathi and PONK in Gujarati.
Hurda is roasted on coal in mud pits which gives it an earthy taste. This freshly roasted hurda is then eaten with an accompaniment of various types of chutneys made of Sesame seeds,groundnuts,dry coconuts, garlic and red chillies. Additives like jaggery, Rewdi, lime and shev make the experience all the more interesting.
Hurda party Started from 27 NOVEMBER – 20 FEBRUARY (Every Saturday & Sunday).