Kalpataru Baug


Kalpataru Baug

Kalpataru Baug is situated 20 kms from Pune metropolis in the village Theur, pune, Maharashtra. The farm is in close vicinity to one of the famous Ganpati temple it is well known as CHINTAMANI MANDIR the second place of ASHTAVINAYAK DARSHAN

Hurda Party, Kalpataru Baug

Hurda party at Kalpataru Baug

Tender Fresh jowar (sorghum) is called as HURDA in Marathi and PONK in Gujarati.

Hurda is roasted on coal in mud pits which gives it an earthy taste. This freshly roasted hurda is then eaten with an accompaniment of various types of chutneys made of Sesame seeds,groundnuts,dry coconuts, garlic and red chillies. Additives like jaggery, Rewdi, lime and shev make the experience all the more interesting

Hurda party swimming at kalpataru baug
bullok cart hurda party at kalpataru baug
Hurda party family trip at Kalpataru Baug
hurda party fun time at Kalpataru Baug
hurda party at Kalpataru Baug

School Picnic

school picnic at kalpataru baug
school picnic at kalpataru baug
school picnic at kalpataru baug
school picnic at kalpataru baug

A picnic is a short trip for pleasure to beautiful places. Picnic adds spice to our life. They provided the much sought relief from our routine life

They referesh out tried nevers. Picnics give students a temporary relief from their studies. After enjoying a picnic, they feel fresh and take up their studies with renewed vigor. Every school and college arranges picnics for its students.

Educational - Industrial Visits Near Farm

Kundan Textile Mill

Kundan Textile Mill

Kundan textile mill is located in Theur, Pune. Manufacturer of cotton sarees & dress material. It is a small scale industries where school students, hudra party families can visit to get the practical knowledge of saree manufacturing unit. You can also enjoy shopping at factory outlet store available here with discounted rates.

They are having two outlets in Pune at Bhavani Peth and Laxmi Road .

Sanjay Exotic Nursery at kalpataru baug

Sanjay Exotic Nursery

Sanjay nursery is the first exotic nursery in pune. Here you can experience Indian and foreign Flowers, cactus varieties, Green house, Polyhouse, Modern methods of irrigation, vertical gardening. Plants are grown in various medium such as Soil, Cocopit, Aerial Plants, Aquatic Plants. Various indoor and ourdoor plants, landscape design, outdoor garden material are available here. School students, family groups can visit the nursery also purchase plants and flowers.

jaggery making unit at kalpataru baug

Jaggery Making Unit

Here you can experience how sugarcane is crushed in machine to extract juice, the journey of sugarcane juice till Jaggery (GUL). Here you can purchase fresh Jaggery from farm.

Polyhouse Vegetabe Unit(Indian & Chinese)

Polyhouse Vegetabe Unit(Indian & Chinese)

Various kinds of Indian & Foriegn vegetables plants are cultivated in huge structure of polyhouse & greenhouse. Students can study the journey of plant from seeds to a mature plants.


Nearby Attraction

chintamani ganpati mandir theur pune near kalpataru baug

Theur Ganapati

The temple is located at a distance of 1 km from Kalpataru Baug at Theur. The mythological reference is that Morya Gosavi went under meditation and attained siddhi and his son constructed this temple to commemorate the event. It is one of the Astavinayak pilgrimage.

Ramabai Madhavrao Peshwa had gone SATI near kalpataru baug

Ramabai Madhavrao Peshwa had gone SATI

A memorial marking the death place of Ramabai Peshwa (1750-1772), wife of Madhavrao Ballal Peshwa (18th century Indian Premier, Statesman, Patriot). The memorial is located in the town of Theur, Pune

just 1 km from Site

ponnawala stud farm near kalpataru baug

Ponnawala stud farm

Ponnawala stud farm (India's no 1 Thoroughbred stud farm)

just 3 kms from Site

mahatari aai temple near kalpataru baug

Mahatari Aai Temple

Mahatari Aai is a gramdaivat of villagers in Theur.Here every year in the month of february villager fair is celebrated it is also known as "Urus".

khusti akhara near kalpataru baug

Khusti Akhara

ramdara temple near kalpataru baug

Ramdara Temple

Ramdara Temple 8kms from Kapataru Baug

Fun Elements

hurda party fun time at kalpataru baug
hurda party fun time at kalpataru baug

One Day of Full Enjoyment... One Day in Nature... One Day at Most Exotic Picnic Destination... One Hour Journey from pune...

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